Qmail-outbox patch

This qmail patch provides qmail-outbox-queue, a qmail-queue replacement that detaches large attachments from an email and replaces it by a text message showing the URL where the attached file can be downloaded. It calls an external outboxer program to put the attachment on a web- or ftpserver and to return the URL.

This software is meant to alleviate the problem of transferring large documents between organizations, where for some reason uploading to an ftp- or webserver is not an option.


The simplest way is to compile qmail with the patch applied and replacing your present qmail-queue binary with the freshly compiled qmail-outbox-queue. Note that the patch is on netqmail-1.05, but the resulting qmail-outbox-queue is compatible also with qmail-1.03 installations.

You can use the QMAILQUEUE environment variable to select qmail-outbox-queue. This you can also do selectively in your tcpserver rules file. For example with:
you would only do outboxing on mail from 10/8-addresses (your internal addresses for example). Vice versa you can selectively apply outboxing on incoming mail.





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